Sant Jordi a Georgetown

pòster SJ 2013

Tuesday, April 23rd
(All activities are FREE, dinner included)
RSVP by Sunday April 21st here

12pm -1pm
Roses in Red Square
2pm – 4pm (ICC 450)
Trobada literària – literary gathering, bring your favourite texts (RSVP for participants)
4.30 pm (ICC 450)
Catalan Cinema Festival: Enxaneta (a film by Paulí Subirà)
6.30 pm (ICC 450)
What Catalans want: A view from new generations
    Laia Balcells, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Duke University
    Astrid Bierge, Free lance journalist and writer
    Mod.: Clara Ponsati, Prince of Asturias Chair, SFS, Georgetown University
8:30 pm (ICC 462)
Catalan dinner (traditional Catalan food)
All day long
Book exchange in the hall of the Spanish and Portuguese Department. Bring a good book to give. Take a new one with you.

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